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2014’s # 5 Most study: Crosscut Investigates the face that is new of’s booming sex industry

2014’s # 5 Most study: Crosscut Investigates the face that is new of’s booming sex industry

Seattle’s intercourse industry might function as fastest growing within the country.

You will find the vacation events at Seattle restaurants, arranged to permit prostitutes and their clientele that is online to casually — plus in clothes. You will find the unassuming brothels in middle-class communities, situated between household domiciles and, some speculate, associated with Asian crime that is organized. And, possibly many notably, there’s the income.

In Seattle, there’s more from it when you look at the commercial intercourse industry.

Intercourse for cash: it is called the world’s business model that is oldest. Until recently, nevertheless, there clearly was without any knowledge of the way the intercourse industry operated in america, or information on its general size, framework and development.

This season, the U.S. Department of Justice attempted to change that, funding a landmark research to compile detailed, nationwide cleverness in the industry for the very first time. The research dedicated to eight cities that are major the nation, including Seattle. After several years of research — including interviews with more than 250 sex employees, pimps, traffickers, federal and neighborhood police force officials and much more — it had been released the 2009 March.

The study’s findings had been shocking, and neighborhood police force and state legislators were quick to downplay them.

The examples mentioned above — the Christmas time and Halloween parties, the clandestine brothels — are each unique to Seattle, according the authors of this report that is 340-page.