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Between World Wars, Gay Customs Flourished In Berlin

Between World Wars, Gay Customs Flourished In Berlin

GROSS:. Rohm ended up being assassinated – pardon my German (laughter).

BEACHY: No, generally not very.

GROSS: Pardon my pronunciation. As he had been assassinated, Heinrich Himmler took over enforcement associated with anti-gay legislation. And things got actually bad then.

BEACHY: Appropriate, and Himmler and Rohm had always been sworn enemies. Himmler had been mind associated with the other Nazi militia – smaller company, the SS – more ideological, more elite and also at least during the early several years of the motion, maybe perhaps not almost as effective – also formed much later on. However with the removal of Rohm, Himmler then managed to assume more energy in the regime as well as in the motion. And then he ended up being also then single-handedly in charge of pressing to really have the statutory legislation revised and made more draconian.